Welcome to the Wind River Railroad!

windriver-bannerThe Wind River Railroad is Ron Renner’s freelanced HO scale model railroad.  It models a transition-era regional carrier operating in Kansas, Colorado, and Utah.  Designed for operation, the layout hosts regular operating sessions focused on locals, wayfreights, and switching.

The New Wind River Website

After several years of neglect, I’m giving the Wind River Railroad’s website the overhauling that it’s needed for several years.  Please be patient – it will take a few days to get all the photos and descriptions in the right places!

Edit Wednesday, 24 Apr 2014 – I think I’ve finally got it.  I’ve gotten all of the stations around the layout posted now, and also put in a few pictures.  Best of all, I’ve given Ron the power to upload new content, so hopefully we’re off to the races at this point.